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This year marks a milestone—AgPro’s 10th year for the annual Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year Award. That’s right—readers get to pick the top award winner from 10 of the newest, most innovative technologies for the agricultural industry, as identified by AgPro editors. The top 10 contenders are specifically focused for use or sale by retailers, agronomists and crop consultants.

Simply scroll down to read about the finalists and make your selection. You will need to provide some brief information that enables AgPro to authenticate your vote. The deadline for voting is Dec. 29, 2016.

The winner of the 2016 Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year Award will be announced in the February issue of AgPro and in all our digital communications.

More about the top 10. This year’s contenders were selected from dozens of new products registered or introduced during 2016. To qualify, each product had to be available for stocking or pre-order sales for the 2016 season.

As the editorial staff evaluated candidates, they took into consideration each product’s market potential, uniqueness, and publicity and the industry excitement it generated. AgPro staff do not solicit entries for the contest; instead, they review the year’s announcements to evaluate and identify which products to include. In the process, the staff rely on manufacturers to be truthful regarding product attributes and marketing intentions outlined in their press releases and other informational materials.

Remember, you need to vote no later than Dec. 29, so don’t delay. Get online and cast your vote.

1. Take Off ST by Verdesian Life Sciences

The plant-growth biological technology in Take Off ST is a discovery made by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and made into a seed treatment by Verdesian Life Sciences for use on soybeans, corn and wheat to accelerate the crop plant’s natural ability to acquire nutrients and put them to work during seed germination and early plant growth. The biological improves nitrogen efficiency to allow more applied nitrogen to be taken up by the crop, making for stronger and faster growth. Plus, improved nitrogen uptake and use by the crop leaves less nitrogen in the soil at risk of being lost to the environment and puts that nitrogen into harvestable bushels. Learn more.

2. Tiger Greening Guard by Tiger-Sul Products

HLB (Huanglongbing), also known as citrus greening, can be fatal to citrus trees and is the No. 1 threat to the citrus industry. To address citrus greening, Tiger-Sul Products launched Tiger Greening Guard citrus mix (64%S, 3%Fe, 7%Mn, 6%Zn), a revolutionary new product that is backed by university research conducted in Florida and could be farmers’ best line of defense against HLB. The Asian citrus psyllid insect infects vulnerable trees causing their fruit to turn green, with bitter juices, become deformed and drop prematurely. In vulnerable trees, HLB reduces the transfer of nutrients and can reduce root functionality by as much as 50% to 80%. Tiger-Sul Products’ Tiger Greening Guard limits tree vulnerability by boosting and strengthening the tree’s immune system. It increases feeder root density for optimal nutrient uptake which allows for healthier fruit and reduced fruit drop. Utilizing Tiger’s acid-forming technology, Greening Guard has a controlled release mechanism to ensure long-term root health and maximize efficiency of nutrient uptake. Learn more.

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3. NUTRIO Microbials by Wilbur-Ellis

Wilbur-Ellis, which provides precision agriculture technology and marketing and distribution of plant protection, seed and nutritional products, launches its NUTRIO line of microbial products. The line of biochemistry products is focused at aiding in soil nutrition and aims to improve plant health and yield potential. Microbials contribute up to 80% of soil health, making them critical to soil structure and sustaining the growth cycle of plants. This is becoming increasingly important as soil loses nutrition during these growth cycles. The company developed NUTRIO, a biochemistry product line brought in-house, in order to better focus on soil nutrition and meet grower needs. The company says the use of microbials in the new products allows it to bring an eco-friendly approach to this challenge. Learn more.

4. Herbicide-Tolerant Grain Sorghum by Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds, the premium brand of Advanta Seeds, introduced herbicide- tolerant sorghum in 2016. Advanta Seeds and DuPont Crop Protection are working closely with regulatory agencies and local seed and crop protection teams to develop a product stewardship plan for the new seed trait. The bronze, medium- maturity sorghum hybrid introduced is suitable for dryland and irrigated systems and has displayed excellent drought tolerance, seedling vigor and threshability. The plant stands between 42" and 48" tall with a mid-bloom of 66 days. Annual grass weeds reduce U.S. sorghum yields by approximately 20%, or an average of 13 bu. per acre. Learn more.

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5. CropOS by Benson Hill

Benson Hill Biosystems is working to unlock the genetic potential of plants and recently launched its CropOS, which uses cloud biology to boost plant genomics innovation. CropOS enables users to analyze petabytes of genomic data to pinpoint which seeds will produce desired traits, allowing researchers to bypass multiple generations of experimentation. Instead of being constrained by greenhouse space, field plots or growing seasons, users define the desired result and leverage the power of a cognitive engine to help determine the genetics most likely to produce it. Desirable biofuel feedstocks like a higher biomass sorghum plant, for example, or a superfood like a more nutritious blueberry, can be successfully identified and advanced to market in a fraction of the time. Learn more.

6. PowerCore Trait Technology by Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences announces the U.S. commercial launch of PowerCore trait technology, new insect trait technology that protects corn plants from yield-robbing, above-ground insects. PowerCore trait technology provides broad-spectrum control of damaging above-ground corn pests by incorporating a pyramid of three different Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) proteins. Because each Bt protein targets insects differently, PowerCore uses three modes of action to control more insects than other above-ground trait technologies. PowerCore protects corn against damage from European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, corn earworm, black cutworm, fall armyworm and sugarcane borer, which can cause significant crop damage and yield loss. In addition, the three different modes of action offered by these proteins reduce potential insect resistance to the technology. This trait package offers excellent control of above-ground worm pests for growers with moderate to low rootworm pressure. PowerCore is being offered initially in hybrids from five seed brands. Learn more.

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7. Stairway to Heaven Design by Yargus Manufacturing

The Layco Tower Blender from Yargus Manufacturing is designed for high-capacity retail or wholesale use, providing another efficient fertilizer-handling option. Yargus takes the advantage further by releasing the new “Stairway to Heaven” design that incorporates zero ladder usage throughout the entire structure. Yargus has introduced a new design featuring the six-legged tower, with larger square footage allowing for more room for service and maintenance. The tower features the reliable and proven Layco Tapered Auger Vertical Blender or paddle Layco Performance Mixer. Also standard are up to 18 bins of storage capacity, a collection hopper and up to four weigh hoppers. The Tower Blend System can?be custom-designed to fit blend and capacity requirements up to 300 tons per hour. The Layco Tower is a bolt-together design with minimal field welding required. The tubular modular design with side cladding assures years of dependable use. Learn more.

8. John Deere F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator

To help ag service providers apply fertilizer and lime to more acres per day during short busy seasons, John Deere introduced the F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator. This machine offers increased capacity with a 330-cu. ft. New Leader dry spinner spreader. Test results show the F4365 has 30% better ride quality than other 4-wheel machines. Operators can capture, manage and transfer data with the 4600 CommandCenter display. With the updated SpreadStar display, they can manage variable-rate application of dry fertilizer, lime and micronutrients from up to four bins. Learn more.

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9. IntelliMax by West Central

IntelliMax from West Central is a confidential and customizable data management platform designed for ag retailers as a turnkey solution for grower data management and analysis, seller and grower program management, and manufacturer reporting. In keeping with West Central’s retailer theme of “Your Vision, Always,” IntelliMax empowers ag retailers to implement unique strategies that will increase their sales of crop nutrients, crop protection and seed. Whether it is the ability to choose the product categories to focus on, or identifying where their sales people should prioritize their time, IntelliMax allows ag retailers to profitably grow their business. Learn more.

10. Collaborative Farming Solution by Agworld

The Collaborative Farming Solution (CFS) was introduced this year by Agworld, a global provider of farm management software and applications. CFS is a way for growers and ag retailers to work together through a completely integrated, cloud-based platform.”Agworld’s farm management program is a unique solution that integrates precision ag data, production planning, purchasing, input prescriptions, logistics, projections, budgeting and invoices in a seamless manner that allows growers and their ag retailers to work together,” explains Zach Sheely, Agworld president. “We call this ‘work as one’ concept our Collaborative Farming Solution, or CFS.”Learn more.

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